02-03 KIA Spectra Transmission computer TCU K2NB189E0

Vendor: The Rest
Type: TCU
Genuine KIA original equipment BOSCH of Korea Transmission control computer TCU TCM ECU ECM Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition 2002-03 KIA Spectra: transmission control Computer for automatic1.8 liters 4 cylK2NB 18 9E0 / M K60 002 735 / MK60002735 Fits many but not all 2002, and most 2003, check your original P/N This comes with a 30 day functionality guarantee. In the unlikely event that it fails to function properly in the 30 days after you receive it, you can return it to us and we will send you a free replacement or refund.Check the part number on your original to be sure this is correct for your car. The part number must match for it to work correctly. The TCU is one of the most commonly overlooked potential cause of transmission problems. The symptoms of a defective TCU are very similar to those of a faulty transmission. Don't spend thousands on erroneously replacing a transmission that is not the cause of the issues and won't fix the problems. Try the TCU first!

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