0004467140 Mercedes Benz Temic International Diesel Truck ECU ECM Engine Control Unit Computer 000 446 71 40

Vendor: Mercedes-Benz
Type: ECU

Mercedes ECU 

000 446 71 40

Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Mercedes International truck ECU.  Not sure of the exact specifications of this unit.  Please see part number.  This is bolted to the side of the engine.

As always your best bet is to match the part number to the one on your original ECU. This would be an excellent unit to have if you were planing on tuning an ECU and wanted to hang onto your original, or simply needed a replacement. Save big here, this is about 1/4 the cost of a new unit! This unit may need to be programed for your van before it will run, but I do not know for sure. Typically if this needs to be done, the dealership will do it & it will take about 10 minutes, they may bill for 1/2 hour of labor. This unit includes the VIN plate from the van it was removed from, which was involved in a light roll over. This truck was used as a fed-ex truck prior to the accident

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