00-01 Infiniti i30 / Nissan Maxima Computer A56 P34 Z45

Vendor: Nissan
Type: Computer
Nissan ECU A56P34Z45 / KE ECM ECU PCM ENGINE CONTROL Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition 2000 Datsun / Nissan Maxima Engine fuel / engine control module. Part number - See the top or large photo. , This ECU came out of a 00, But my list shows this fits some other year models too, as nissan does not run these entirely by year- may fit some 1999-01 models & others too. As always your best bet is to match the part number to the one on your original ECU as there are several variants you may have. Note, these units commonly have problems related to the throttle control system, and if you are having these problems it is important that the issues that caused your ECU failure to happen in the first place are corrected first. These units we sell are always internally inspected for this fault and are GOOD. These units also need to be initialized to your car before it will start with this ECU. If you are having issues with your car that are requiring you to replace your ECU, get a good used unit. Buying this here is going to save you about $1000 off this repair, as the ECU is the most expensive element of the repair!These are not at all easy to find, at any price much less as fair as this. Other potential issue are that these units easily can be damaged by wiring faults or voltage spikes (caused by a faulty alternator). A faulty ECU can cause problems ranging from a bad idle control circuit to random no injector pulse signal (causes no start or random cut outs) & many others.Price one of these new, and you will be shocked at the price. This unit removed from a crash damaged lower mileage car, and comes with a 30 day functionality warranty.

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