Erica: Hey chief! Notice anything different about the site today?

Jeff: No, you?

Erica: Hmm…It seems something has changed. Maybe you should take another look….

Jeff: Huu, just looked, it looks the same to me?

Erica: Jeff!!!

Jeff: Oh, wait I see it. I had to click a different link. I had to click “catalog”

Erica: What did you find?

Jeff: Well it looks like we have a few new items listed that we used to only have exclusivly on eBay.

Erica: “A few new items”? Just a few, Jeff? Try 800 or so.

Jeff: Wow, how did we do that?

Erica: While you and Paul were off searching for more merchandise today, I was back at the ePartsLand ranch posting merchandise to the site. You can find all of ePartsLand’s amazing stuff on our own store now, too! And I even managed to cook dinner, too. Amazing, I know.

Jeff: How do you do it?

Erica: I’m just that amazing. And, for folks visiting the site, we’ve got a discount to celebrate, and, well, to make more work for you and Paul.Through the end of Oct. 31, customers who enter the discount code BADBRAINS during checkout can get 10 percent off their order. And, having posted more than 800 items today, I know we’ve got a pretty good stock of ECUs, switches, relays and a bunch of other stuff to keep your favorite car on the road. Speaking of bad brains…what’s so important about having a spare ECU around?

Jeff: Well, funny you should ask. In some “high failure rate” cars, such as any car with a Bosch, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, or Bendix ECU, it’s about as important as having a spare tire on board! Though unlike a spare tire, a defective ECU can leave you stranded with a $500 diagnostic fee, plus a $1,500+ bill for a NEW replacement unit. For example – Cars with Bosch ECUs usually won’t start or start and stall. Sometimes they will run but have no power. Sometimes they will work intermittantly. Idle control circuits can go defective, which will cause a stuck slow or fast idle speed. Sometimes the fuel pump turn-on circuit will die, which can cause a no-start due to no fuel pump function. But, if jumpered, the car will run. Also, potential lean running, or very rich running causing excess smoke or pinging are possible. None of these symptoms are necessarily ALWAYS caused by a faulty ECU, but they are some of the typical possible causes.

Erica: So, it’s a good thing to have in the trunk? Maybe the glove box if it’ll fit?

Jeff: Yes! Even if you own a car that does not have a high failure rate ECU, they are still good to have due to the expense of getting a correct replacement unit. And the savings are clear if you already need an ECU for your car due to a failure. Price one new and you will buy from us. And, remember, the easiest way for our customers to find the exact part they need is to compare the part number from their original to the ones we have in inventory. They can be sure to get the right unit that way! And our customers can be assured of quality. even though our units are used, they are guranteed functional on arrival and offer a 30 day replacement warranty!

Erica: OK, now for the really important question….What’s a girl got to do around here to get a slice of pumpkin pie?

Jeff: Ya gotts-a walk into the kitchen & get it. Bring one for me, eh?

Erica: Oh Jeff….