Finally, when it seemed that the guys could bring me nothing but silver Bosch ECUs to list here at the store, they’ve brought me something really, really intriguing…

Now, I know it doesn’t look like much pulled from the dash of an Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo, but this VIC – Visual Information Center – was pretty much the closest to Kit from “Knight Rider” you could get in an Oldsmobile in the late ‘80s. And man, was it ever chatty! “Engine overheating – Decrease engine speed.” “Climate control problem – AC overheated, compressor disengaged.” I mean, it’s amazing more Trofeo’s haven’t ended up deceased due to driver inattention to the road.

Still, there’s something neat about a car that wants to tell you all of its secrets, its wishes, its desires as well as give you a calendar and a neat-looking radio display. It almost makes me want to find a used…nah, it’s cool, but not that cool. We’ll let one of you snap this puppy up.

A VIC (not ours)in action

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