Erica: Hey chief, what’s up with all of these truck and Jeep and minivan ECUs I’ve been listing lately?
Jeff: Well we have gotten a few requests recently. Since it’s another one of those “common failure” items that the dealers charge way too much for, we can get them cheaper used, and we can pass the savings on to our customers!
Erica: What kind of vehicles have you been poking around in?
Jeff: Just about anything manufactured by the Chrysler Corp. — Jeeps, Dodge trucks, Dodge vans and Mitsubishi-manufactured, chrysler-branded cars.
Erica: When you say vans, do you mean minivans?
Jeff: Yep, minivans — and their expensive failure-prone Body Control Moduels – as well as full-size vans commonly equiped with the 3.9 liter V6, 5.2 Liter V8 and the 5.9 Liter V8’s.
Erica: You know, I know you don’t think we have a lot in common, but it turns out we’ve both spent time behind the wheel of some pretty rad minivans, no? I’m partial to a circa 1990 white Town and Country with wood paneling my mom nicknamed “Vanna White.” It was like driving a living room.

Jeff: Funny you should ask, one of the recent “pulls” was from a car model I used to own, a 1989 Dodge Caravan Turbo, 2.5 Liter Automatic.
Erica: I’m not even going to ask what your top speed was in that vehicle.
Jeff: Transmission limited – it was only a three-speed auto.
Erica: Yeah, but the best part about driving minivans was that the cops rarely gave you a second look. That was handy when I was zooming around past curfew. So, have you noticed anything different about the store lately?
Jeff: No, you?
Erica: Oh, chief….We’ve now got more than 900 items listed. And, once our customers click on their favorite make, they can search by model by clicking on links in the orange field at the top of each page. It’s the best way to find that much needed bit, say an ECU or idle control valve, as well as a bunch of neat extras like switches and cup and change holders to help make your car complete. You’ve got to admit that’s neat. And, we’ve got a page up and running on Facebook. There, our customers can find all the latest ePartsLand new. Oh, and to get this month’s 11% discount on all merchandise, enter THANKS! at the checkout now through Nov. 30. Pretty neat, eh?
Jeff: Yes indeed!